Capt. Pranav Anand

Capt. Pranav Anand is a Master Mariner with over 25 years’ experience in the shipping industry and has an in depth knowledge of International Marine Regulations and Marine Laws gained through practical hands on experience while sailing onboard Merchant Ships. He also possesses the qualification of LLB.

He started his career as a Cadet onboard Merchant Ships at the age of 18 years. By the age of 29 years, he was given command and sailed as a Captain onboard Oil/ Chemical Tankers for about 4 years before venturing out to Oil & Gas fields. He has been associated with ship owning companies like Holbud Ship Management, London; Premuda Tankers Spa, Monaco; Fleet Ship Management, Hong Kong; International Andromeda Shipping, Monaco etc.. He possesses wide experience of new ship deliveries at Korean ports.

Since the past few years he holds the portfolio, as an Independent Contractor on four weeks on/off rotation, with a Malaysian Company i.e. Bumi Armada, Bernard, taking care of Marine activities onboard their Floating Production and Storage Offshore Unit (FPSO) in Nigeria. His profile included conducting Moorings of other Export Tankers coming to the FPSO for loading crude oil. His recent contribution for maintaining the oil supplies for ONGC during the COVID-19 related nationwide lockdown, was appreciated.

He challenged and learnt from adversities; managed over $200 Million in cargo, machinery and electronics systems. Capt. Anand possesses leadership and mentoring abilities forged through working with multinational teams in diverse environments. The process of understanding key problem areas while taking into consideration people and technical issues and then suggesting and implementing changes has been intellectually stimulating for him.

His past work experience as a mercantile mariner and his education equip him, with not only the skill set required for analyzing multiple and complex issues and translating them into decision making variables, but also strong people and project management expertise.